IPL & PhotoFacials (Photo-Rejuvenation)

    Intense Pulsed Light Photofacials or IPL Photo Rejuvenation is an amazing, safe and effective skin treatment. This process uses a technique to treat the damaged skin non-invasively. It also addresses the damaging effects of photo-aging with low risk of side effects, and without recovery time.

     IPL Photo Rejuvenation is revolutionary in the sense that it can provide remarkable results for a vast array of skin conditions. These includes sun-induced spots and freckles, age spots, birthmarks, rosacea, acne scarring, active acne, acne vulgaris, facial flushing or small veins and other blemishes just to name a few.
Why is it better than other skin treatment options?

    No other treatment options are effective against other complexion problems like redness, broken capillaries and flushing or sun damage. There are also other surgical procedures like Face Lifts, however these kinds of procedures are usually too invasive for the average problems most of us want to treat. And most especially for young patients and some adults who simple want to rejuvenate their skin and revitalize their appearance with no recovery time. Face Lifts also only manually tighten the skin,….Face Lifts do Nothing for complection problems or other skin irregularities.
How does it work?

    We typically apply conducting or ultrasound gel to the areas that will be treated and you are also advised to wear a protective eye wear before the treatment starts. During treatment, we will apply to the skin the IPL hand piece which has a cold glass surface. Light will be delivered painlessly to the skin surface in accurate pulses. Some signs of treatment may occur for up to a couple of hours, such as redness. In most cases, the entire face is usually treated; however, IPL Photo Rejuvenation can also work well on chest, hands and neck. The results from a series of treatments usually delivers the best results!

IPL photo rejuvenation helps restore the skin's youthful glow!

    It is true that we cannot avoid the visible signs of aging, but there is a way to minimize the signs of aging as gently as possible. IPL offers a vital solution for your skin. It addresses skin problems that are most visible. It treats not only small spots, but the entire face. It causes little to no discomfort
- so that you can immediately return to your routine activities
- that provides skin improvement gradually and with a natural look
- that produces long lasting results

    IPL Photo Rejuvenation is the most highly effective treatment to treat skin painlessly at once. It is also the most versatile of all skin treatment options. By going with this treatment, your skin will be more youthful and beautiful.